Parasite Eve Movie Details Surface
Information has surfaced regarding a movie version of Square's cinematic FMV fest RPG, Parasite Eve. Since the Madonna rumor of having bought the rights to the Parasite Eve film early this year, rumors have been little and far between.

It is reported by GIA, AD Vision, a company known for its translation and distribution of Anime in the U.S. has bought the translation rights to the original Japanese Parasite. The Parasite Eve novel was written by Hideaki Sena was then translated into a Japanese feature film. Once the film was released, Square turned the movie based on the novel into the Parasite Eve videogame. Square is also working on a sequel/prequel called Parasite Eve 2. The original movie was a live-action production and not a direct adaptation of Sena's novel. Square's version of the story was based on the novel. No confirmed date or other information was released regarding the Parasite Eve Movie.

by JD      

Source: [GIA]
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