Thousand Arms to include goodies.
Atlus, the creator of Thousand Arms, released information yesterday concerning 'goodies' to be included in the upcoming game. If you preorder the game now, you can get your very own Thousand Arms poster to put on your wall. You'd be the talk of the town! When you get Thousand Arms, you will aquire the following items:
  • A 70 page manual with art and all sorts of info.
  • A trading card.
  • Elite stickers for your memory card.
  • And finally, a mail in rebate offer for the Thousand Arms soundtrack CD.

Also included on the CD are more goodies such as: A screensaver, wallpaper, sound files, and even out-takes from the game. Thousand Arms is due out in the United States in late August-September.

Thousand Arms
by Mark Jordan   
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