Chrono Cross Information and Screen Shots
Finally the first bits of information and screen shots surfaced, courtesy of who scanned these images from Shonen Jump. 3 main characters were revealed in the supplemental images; Serge the main character, kid the heroine, Yamaneko - Serge's rival, and Glenn who is only mentioned in the battle scene. However it is still undetermined whether or not Glenn in Chrono Cross is of any relation to Glenn the frog from Chrono Trigger.

Battle system details also surfaced. Chrono Cross uses a battle system called "Cross Sequence" which is speculated to be similar to the combination attacks of Chrono Trigger. A new addition will be element attacks, which are combination of magic and items.

A playable demo of Chrono Cross will be included in the upcoming Legend of Mana. Chrono Cross is slated for a release for the Playstation in late 1999 (Japan).

Chrono Cross
by JD's Supplemental Chrono Cross Coverage - 10 Screens

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