Chrono Trigger 2 Official Details

Chrono Trigger 2 officially has been confirmed for a Playstation release.

The game will be titled Chrono Cross, story details were not made available. What is known is that scenerio designer, Yuji Horii and character design and animation specialist, Akira Toriyama are no longer involved with the project. Nobuteru Yuuki will be designing Chrono Cross' characters. Yuuki's previous works include the Record of Lodoss War movie based on the TV series of the same name, X: The Movie, the Vision of Escaflowne TV series, Tail Concerto for the PlayStation, and Square's own Seiken Densetsu 3.

Chrono Cross is scheduled for release this winter in Japan. Other information known is it will have Dual Shock and PocketStation support. A playable demo of the game will be bundled with Legend of Mana along with Front Mission 3, Dew Prism and Vagrant Story (non-playable).

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