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Final Fantasy XV Hopes to Show its Leading Edge - E3


Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix held a special stage presentation for Final Fantasy XV during the first official day of E3. The presentation focused on the game being "leading-edge" with director Hajime Tabata, and his translator, narrating roughly half an hour of gameplay footage. The full presentation can be viewed below (viewers will want to skip to 27 minutes in when the video actually starts) along with a new trailer that highlights the game's Wait Mode for combat.

Although designed primarily as a real-time, action-based battle system, Square Enix has added a Wait Mode control option following feedback to its Episode Duscae demo. Wait Mode can be activated from the pause menu at any time. This mode automatically pauses the action when no controls are being pressed, provided the wait gauge is not empty, allowing players to decide what to do without worrying about enemies constantly attacking in the meantime.

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