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Hand of Fate 2 Heads to Xbox - E3


Hand of Fate 2

Defiant Development revealed that its follow-up to 2015's Hand of Fate will be coming to Xbox One. Previously confirmed for release on PC, Mac, and Linux, Hand of Fate 2 will also be available on Microsoft's console in Q1 2017. Defiant Development also revealed it will be teaming up with IndieBox to provide a Collector's Edition of the game.

Like its predecessor, Hand of Fate 2 sees players take on a series of encounters determined by collectible cards drawn from a deck. Certain encounters require the player to defeat enemies in an action RPG arena fight, with their equipment and starting health determined by previous encounters that often require players to make decisions with different outcomes.

Hand of Fate 2 introduces a number of new aspects, including new weapons and enemy types as well as companions that can provide combat support, new choices, and new storylines. One example given is the mage Malacylpse, who provides ranged attacks and shields in combat plus potential rerolls on encounters.

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