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Tokyo Xanadu Heads to PlayStation 4


Tokyo Xanadu

Nihon Falcom announced Tokyo Xanadu eX+, an enhanced PlayStation 4 port of its PlayStation Vita title Tokyo Xanadu that was launched in Japan in September 2015. Tokyo Xanadu eX+ will be released in Japan on September 8, 2016.

In additional to a graphical upgrade, the eX+ version of the game features various content additions. The game includes both additional side-stories from the point of view of other characters in the game and a substantial after-story set during Halloween a few months after the original game's events. It also adds a new playable character, the mysterious masked White Shroud who brings an new elemental affinity. Further additions include new Boss Rush and Time Attack game modes as well as a new Calamity difficulty mode, which brings the total number of difficulty settings up to five.

Tokyo Xanadu takes place in the modern-day, fictional Moriyama City. The game sees its main protagonist, a high-schooler named Kou, become embroiled in investigations and events regarding a mysterious spirit world that can be accessed from various places around the city.

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