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Four New Trailers Expand Etrian Odyssey V's Roster


Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth

Joining the Warlock and Herbalist classes, Atlus has released a total of four new class trailers for Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth. Players will get their first glimpse of the Shaman, Hound, Reaper, and Necromancer classes.

A support class best situated in the back row, the Shaman class backs up the party by providing healing. Since Shamans can see beyond the normal plane of existence, they also protect other party members using divine powers.

Essentially a hunter class, the Hound attacks with the assistance of a wolf and falcon. Armed with a bow and arrows, they take down their prey by binding specific body parts in combat.

Then it's on to the darker pair of classes. Reapers enter battle wielding the fearful scythe, making use of a unique fighting style. They also use a power called miasma to inflict grievous weaknesses and sicknesses upon their foes.

Finally, Necromancers can call upon the dead and summon all manner of creatures to do their bidding in combat. Additionally, they are an all-round class, useful in offensive, defensive, and support roles.

Etrian Odyssey V has received a set Japanese release date of August 4, 2016 on the 3DS. No news of a western release has been made public yet.

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