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The Long Journey Home Begins with a Single Trailer


The Long Journey Home

Daedalic Entertainment, widely known for the Deponia series of graphic adventures, has published a wealth of assets concerning its upcoming space-exploration RPG, The Long Journey Home. After a disastrous test of humanity's first jump drive, the crew members of the ill-fated spaceship find themselves stranded on the other end of the galaxy. Players must take the helm and guide the struggling group of would-be survivors back home, this time taking the long way and traveling through the galaxy back to Earth. Along the way alliances may be forged, forgotten secrets uncovered, and conflict with other space-faring civilizations may be no more than a blaster bolt away.

The Long Journey Home is a mixture of classic space adventures with the unique replayability of roguelikes. Its procedurally generated universe is inspired by sci-fi series like Firefly and Farscape, and promises lots of surprises in store. Releasing sometime during the second half of 2016, The Long Journey Home will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux, as well as some as-yet unrevealed consoles. A launch trailer has been released, as well as galleries of screenshots and character and game art.


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