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NIS America Introduces Disgaea 5's Main Cast


Disgaea 5

NIS America's latest update for Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance introduces six of the game's main characters. Killia, Seraphina, Usalia, Red Magnus, Zeroken, and Christo all received a quick description as well as some artwork. Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance is due to be released for PlayStation in North America and Europe this fall.

Killia is the game's main protagonist and is a young demon who has history with the demon emperor Void Dark. He is on a quest for vengenace, and has a high-calorie intake. Seraphina is the princess of Gorgeous, the richest country in the known worlds. She reacted badly to her father's plans to marry her to Void Dark and now plans to assassinate the demon emperor. Usalia is the heir to the nation of Toto Bunny, with a dislike for fighting. She has been cursed by one of Void Dark's servants to constantly eat curry lest she be turned into beast, and rides a yellow prinny in battle.

Red Magnus is overlord of Scorching Flame, which is home to many vicious demons. He is simply challenging Void Dark to prove himself the strongest Overlord. Zeroken is another young Overlord, known to be stubborn but has a flexible mindset and can change attitudes depending on who he is dealing with. Finally, Christo is another Overlord who hopes to assassinate Void Dark. He is known to be an excellent tactician and sees teaming up with Killia as the best way to achieve his goal.

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