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More Lost Dimension Characters Unsealed


Lost Dimension

Fresh off its previous introduction video for Sho, Yoko, and Toya, Atlus USA has another trio of characters ready to make trailer appearances for its upcoming Vita and PS3 RPG, Lost Dimension. This latest video, viewable below, features SEALED members Sojiro, Zenji, and Himeno. The trio are part of eleven characters acting under the player's command as they try to stop a figure known as The End, who resides in a mysterious tower, from destroying the world.

Lost Dimension is developed by FuRyu and was released in Japan in 2014. The game features a traitor mechanic, where players will be required to suss out which one of their members is a traitor on each floor and eliminate them. The traitor is not preset, so each playthrough will have different results. Lost Dimension is due to be released physically and digitally on July 28, 2015 in North America, with a European release set for later in the year.

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