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Publishers Announce Changes to Future Dub Plans



A statement put out today revealed that certain publishers are planning to change the way dubs are handled following complaints of games only including English dubs and the possible effect on sales. Future games from the group of publishers, whose members have not yet been revealed, will now be dubbed solely in Welsh in a move that they hope will placate fans while keeping away from the prohibitive cost and licensing issues associated with the original Japanese dubs.

"While we always placed effort in creating as high a quality English dub as possible, it was apparent that many people placed more value on the dub and only wanted to pay for the game if they couldn't understand what they were hearing," the statement said. "Unfortunately using the Japanese dub still remains difficult from both a cost and legal standpoint so we have arranged this compromise that would ensure the language difference would remain, but also help ensure an important cultural tongue remains alive. Some who enjoyed the English dubs may be disappointed but unfortunately, various issues mean we can only placate one group, and the lack of pre-emptive protests to this decision leads us to believe that those who enjoyed the English dub is very much a minority."

The response to the move has been popular, with many saying that they would immediately change their spending habits and not at all find something else to complain about instead.

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