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New Classic RPGs Released for the Sega Genesis



Not one, but two RPGs were recently released/re-released for the Sega Genesis console. The first is Star Odyssey, an RPG that was only released in Japan under the title Blue Almanac in 1991. The game was intended to be released in North America, but was cancelled. Super Fighter Team, a company that develops and publishes games for classic system, obtained the only known English prototype of the game and struck an agreement with current IP holder Starfish-SD to produce and publish the game worldwide.

Star Odyssey is a sci-fi RPG which begins with the planet Delta suddenly being attacked by Radanians, who are supposed to be their allies. As the Union Empire considers going to war, an adventurous boy named Toby takes up the task of finding out what the Radanians are up to and restoring peace to the Galaxy. The game has a menu-driven turn-based combat system with a side view battle screen reminiscent of the Final Fantasy series. There are also voice acted battle cries. Star Odyssey can be purchased at Super Fighter Team's official site for the game.

The second RPG is a wholly original game rather than an unreleased one, titled Pier Solar and the Great Architects. It was originally a homebrew mini-game, but then it developed into a turn-based RPG. Pier Solar focuses around three friends, Hoston, Alina and Edessot. When Hoston's father falls ill, the three set out to find a rare magical herb to cure him. From there, a much greater plot develops involving Pier Solar and the Great Architects. The game uses a 64-megabit cartridge and features an enhanced soundtrack when using the Sega CD add-on and playing the enhanced soundtrack disc.

Pier Solar was originally released in December 2010, but due to popular demand, developer and publisher WaterMelon reprinted the game. The reprint edition doesn't come with the enhanced soundtrack disc, but the game's official website contains instructions that will allow players to make their own. Pier Solar is currently available for purchase, and interested customers can learn more at the site.

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