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Grimlands Impression and Trailer - E3 2011



Grimlands was not playable at E3, but I was able to sit down with Gamigo to learn more about this upcoming MMO. Grimlands will have a dynamic game world and character progression is based on the idea of "learning by doing." If you use your gun a lot, you will get better. If you stop using your gun for awhile, your skill will decrease.

A major part of this game will be the crafting and gathering system. Players will be able to, for example, find a rifle and a scope and put them together to form a sniper rifle. Players will also be able to put a machine gun on the roof of their car if they so choose. Players can fight each other for control over cities. Players can even come together to build houses and buildings.

Grimlands will have several different areas for PvP: Duel, Arena, or Battlegrounds, which will have a match-making system. There will also be no instanced areas.

The enemies in Grimlands will be very intelligent, and will run away when hurt, look for cover, or even try to lure players into traps.

Grimlands has no launch date yet, but should have a closed beta by the end of 2011. The game sounds interesting, if just for how the skills and crafting are setup.

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