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Rusty Hearts Impression and Trailer - E3 2011


Rusty Hearts

Rusty Hearts is Perfect World's new hack-n-slash free to play MMO for the PC that has both solo and team-based dungeons. It mixes classic arcade action with modern MMO character progression. The game has anime-inspired visuals and the developers had real anime series in mind when creating the game.

There are three playable heroes in the game, but only two, Angela and Tude, have been revealed so far. Angela uses magical skills, and Tude is a spirited vagabond.

Lord Vlad is the leader of the vampire army and has waged war on the humans and half-vampires. Either alone or with friends, you go through and kill vampires and monsters - which have 4 difficulty levels - on your way to help wage war on Lord Vlad.

The battles are very fast paced and you can also do combos to do greater damage and better your chance of survival. The part I really liked about this game is you can grab your enemies. I grabbed a vampire and walked around with him like he was a rag doll, then threw him on the ground. You could even body slam them into walls to do more damage. But if it's PVP you're looking for, Rusty Hearts will also have that in the form of Arenas or Guild battles.

Your gear does wear over time and after battles, but you can get them repaired in the towns at some street shops. You'll also be able to craft your own gear.

The controls and gameplay are really smooth and you get used to it quickly. Camera movement is excellent, as that always seems to be the thing that makes or breaks a game for me. It is also playable with either a keyboard or a controller.

Closed beta begins next month, so I would keep an eye on when it will be released and definitely recommend you check it out.

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Rusty Hearts
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