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Star Wars: The Old Republic Impression


Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic is an MMO developed by BioWare. The game is currently undergoing closed beta. No announcement has been made for its public release.

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, the player is given the choice of eight archetype classes that are separated into two groups. The Galactic Republic is represented by the trooper, smuggler, Jedi knight and Jedi consular classes, while the Sith Empire are comprised of the bounty hunter, Sith warrior, Imperial agent, and Sith inquisitor classes. Each of these classes has two specializations. For example, if a player chooses to play as a Jedi knight class, they could potentially specialize into either a Guardian or Sentinel.

One of the key elements of Star Wars: The Old Republic is its story telling. As the player plays the game, they will be faced with several story-altering choices which will affect the character’s morality. For example, in the demo the player was given the choice of killing an enemy or having the enemy join them. If the player were to kill the enemy, their morality would decrease. However if the player were to keep the character alive their morality would increase. In addition to this, the player’s choices will influence the story. Had the player killed the enemy, then that enemy would be removed from the game’s story. If the player kept the enemy alive, that character would have the possibility to return later in the storyline as an ally.

Raids, also called Operations, are also available in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Although nothing but pictures of Operations were shown, the minimum amount of people required to do an Operation is two squads of four players.

During the hands-on demo, I was impressed by the immenseness of the Tatooine area. Although the activation of the quest was simple, the directions were not. The map clearly states the location of the objective, but it was difficult to pinpoint the location of the enemy who possessed the compass needed to progress in the quest. Despite the confusion, the map was very useful during gameplay. That is because the player can view the map two different ways. The map can be viewed as a normal map, and the player can choose to play with a semi-translucent full sized map on top of gameplay. Although I got lost during the hands-on demo, I have to give credit to the semi-translucent map for saving me from a far worse situation.

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