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White Knight Chronicles II Trailer and Incorruptus Info


White Knight Chronicles II

D3 Publisher has recently released a trailer for future PS3 title White Knight Chronicles II. The trailer shows what seem to be story scenes and battles, as well as text proclaiming the game to be the conclusion for the first game's story.

D3 has also released information on the Incorruptus, which are the seven meter tall knights the characters in the games transform into. There are five basic options, each drawing their power from a different deity in the White Knight Chronicles world.

The first is the titular White Knight, which holds the power of Wizel, the White Hero and uses a sword as its primary weapon. Next is the appropriately named Black Knight, which draws its power from Divinas, the Black-Winged Terror and also wields a sword. The Dragon Knight gains its power from the Red Winged-Dragon Larvayne. It is able to fly, and attacks with a spear.

The final two are the Sun King and the Moon Maiden. The Sun King holds the power of the Sun King Adolmea, and unsurprisingly specializes in fire attacks along with brandishing a double-edged spear. The Moon Maiden draws its power from Luthia, the Silvery Goddess. It holds a bow and is able to use elemental and healing magic that the other knights do not. Unlike the other four Incorruptus, the Moon Maiden did not appear in the first game.

White Knight Chronicles II is set for release on June 8 in Europe and August 2 in North America. The game will also include a revised edition of the original White Knight Chronicles. Screenshots of the Incorruptus in action can be seen here.

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White Knight Chronicles II
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