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Chaos Rings Unleashes Omega and Offers New Trailers


Chaos Rings

Chaos Rings Omega, the prequel to Square Enix and Media Visions' popular iPhone RPG Chaos Rings, has been released on the iOS App Store. Fans of the original who are eager to return to the Ark Arena can buy the iPhone version for $11.99 in North America, and for 6.99 or 9.99 in Europe. The iPad version will be priced slightly higher, at $14.99, 8.99 or 11.99. What's more, Square Enix has greatly reduced the price of the original Chaos Rings as part of Omega's launch, though this will only last until May 27.

The release of Chaos Rings Omega may be the biggest news for the series right now, but Square Enix has also released two new trailers for future updates to the series. The first trailer is for the upcoming patch that will add Japanese voice acting to the original game, and shows off several major story scenes from that game with the new voices added. The other trailer gives the first look at Chaos Rings 2, demonstrating a little gameplay and teasing the game's story.

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