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The Grand Bazaar Opens in Europe This Year


Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar

The European publisher Rising Star Games has announced that they will be bringing Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar, the fifth entry of the Harvest Moon series for the DS, to PAL regions. Rising Star Games was the publisher of several previous Harvest Moon and Rune Factory titles in Europe, and consider Harvest Moon to be their "flagship brand." Unfortunately, Rising Star Games has not provided a release date any more specific than "this year."

Grand Bazaar, which was released in Japan in December 2008 and in the US in July 2010, is set in Zephyr Town, the site of what was once a famous bazaar. It is up to the player to build a prosperous farm and help restore the Zephyr Town bazaar to its former glory. People looking to learn more about the game can read RPGamer's staff review here or listen to the Harvest Moon edition of the RPG Backtrack here.

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Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar
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