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Official Site and Blog Provide More Info on Grand Knights History



The official site and blog for Vanillaware's PSP title Grand Knights History has given a few more details on the game's battle system and how its online component will work. The battle system has a specific name, which can be written in English as "Spheral Battle" or "Sphere Real Battle." As the name implies, the battle fields are curved like the surface of a sphere. The site claims this will better show Grand Knights History's 2D graphics and make battles exciting.

On the official blog, producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto has stated that the game can be played offline, even though online play will be heavily integrated. As for the online component itself, Hashimoto also said that time will flow on the server, allowing players to fight within that time, presumably against other players. He did not go into any more details as to what this means.

The official site also gave some details on three of the monsters encountered in the game. The dragons are massive beasts that live in the Alveus Mountains. They are highly intelligent and can even talk. Allegedly, they once fought with humans in the past. Fairies, despite their appearance are violent demons that attack people with their poison needles. There are also Mimiks, creatures that disguise themselves as treasure chests to trick people into getting close to them

And finally, this brief video clip was posted on the blog, showing the character customization system. The gender, hair color, body color, starting weapon, accessory, voice type,and voice pitch can all be chosen for each character.

Grand Knights History is being developed by Vanillaware and published in Japan by Marvelous Entertainment. It will be out in Japan on September 1. There has been no word on the game being released in North America or PAL nations.

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