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Grand Knights History Combat Details and Release Date



A preview has revealed many new details on Grand Knights History's battle system. Party formations will play a large role in battles, and there will be over 20 to strategize with. Some examples are the "Windmill," which lines up the characters in a diamond-shaped formation and the "Bull Attack," which arranges them into a straight line. These formations influence various factors in battle, such as the range at which the characters are open to attack, and may provide benefits, like an HP boost every turn.

As mentioned previously, players can customize their characters' hair, appearance, voice, personality, and victory quote. The chosen personality affects the character's growth and even changes the lines spoken by him or her during the game. By equipping your character with a certain weapon, their skills with it will increase, and he/she will be able to learn new skills based on the arm. For instance, equipping a dagger can teach a character the Flash Code skill, which performs four quick attacks on an opponent, while using a broadsword can teach the Skull Fang skill, which unleashes a damaging wave attack. Each weapon has ten different skills, and over 50 support skills. Players can equip up to four skills on each character at a time. Developer Tomohiko Deguchi stated that skill selection will be integral to the online battles.

As for the release date, Grand Knights History is set for September 1 in Japan. Vanillaware's latest PSP title has not been announced for release in North America or PAL regions. More screenshots can be viewed here.

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