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Dragon's Dogma

It was a rather unexpected announcement from Capcom last week. Members of the former Devil May Cry team, including game director Hideaki Itsuno, are now working on an open-world action RPG called Dragon's Dogma. After some research that determined that many outlets (including Famitsu) are indeed calling the game an RPG, we are now covering Dragon's Dogma here at RPGamer.

In Dragon's Dogma, Capcom's team aims to bring strategic yet stylish action combat to a huge, well-realized open world. The player character will be accompanied by three party members, all of whom are helping to hunt down a powerful dragon. Party members will fight independently, but their character and ability growth will be determined by the player. The combat system will be deep, with everything from armour material to character leg length affecting the fight, but Capcom promises that this depth will not get in the way of the action.

As Dragon's Dogma has been announced on the English language Capcom Unity website along with an English trailer, it appears that the game will be making a trip across the pond. We can expect it in early 2012.

For more Dragon's Dogma images, see our screenshot and art galleries.

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Dragon's Dogma
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