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Tales of Xillia Provides Butlers and Conversation


Tales of Xillia

More information on Tales of Xillia has been revealed in the Japanese magazines Famitsu and Jump. This includes information on both a new major character and some new gameplay systems.

The latest character to join the roster of heroes in Tales of Xillia is Rowen J. Ilbert, a 62-year-old butler who serves a wealthy family. Despite his profession, he happens to be a master of long-range spirit magic with the ability to adjust the effects of his spells after they have been cast. He can also wield a saber if he is caught in close-range combat.

In addition to the new character, it has also been revealed that Xillia will feature some changes to the skit system that has been a major feature of the Tales series. Fans of the skits don't need to worry, since those conversations, now called Long Chat, will not be going away. Instead, they will be complemented by Battle Chat, additional dialogue that plays based on what happens during combat, and Short Chat, short conversations that occur while the player is exploring without interrupting gameplay. It is still unclear, however, whether Battle Chat and Short Chat will feature voice acting or not.

Finally, there are some more details on the game's battle system. During combat, the player will be able to quickly switch party members in and out of battle by using the PS3's directional pad. Characters who are unconscious and unable to fight can't be changed in or out, but otherwise the entire party can be used in every battle.

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Tales of Xillia
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