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Butlers and Maids in Atelier Meruru



Some new details have surfaced for Gust's latest title, Atelier Meruru. Dengeki PlayStation has shared the fact that a butler and maid reside with Meruru, as well as some new gameplay details.

The maid's name is Keina Sweya, and she's been Meruru's bestfriend since childhood. In battle she wields a giant hammer, and sings as her form of support. The butler, Rufus Falken, is an attractive young gentleman who shows no sympathy to Meruru when she gets herself into trouble. He s not a fighter, but does take care of matters within Meruru's estate.

Dengeki PlayStation also shared new details in regards to gameplay. Quests no longer are simply about item synthesis, as Meruru will be able to help townspeople with their own problems. This will allow her to bond with the townspeople outside of her alchemist duties. It will also help accumulate development points which can fund the building of shops, forts and other structures. Meruru also has a rank, and as it increases more places can be built. Also, since Meruru is a princess, players will also be able to erect bronze statues of her throughout the kingdom.

Atelier Meruru is set to release on June 23, 2011 in Japan. No details have been announced for a North American release at this time.

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