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Casting Call: The Q&Apprentice


The Q&Apprentice

As some of you may have noticed, Weekend Q&A has come down with a bad case of dead. This cannot be, and so we at RPGamer have decided to launch a contest to find a new host. We will be looking for ten applicants to compete against each other for the title of... the Q&Apprentice.

Interested applicants should have at LEAST three hours of free time to devote to the column thrice weekly and have a passion for gaming and a wide array of knowledge related to RPGs. The contest's winner will also need to be proficient in HTML, as all columns are coded by hand at this time.

To apply, please use RPGamer's Online Application system. The finalists will be announced as soon as ten have been chosen, so get your application in as soon as possible!

As with all RPGamer staff positions, Q&A is at this time unpaid, but with thousands of readers per week, the column does represent a means of getting your voice out there. Additionally, all applicants must be age 16 or older, due to labour laws in our home state. Finally, applicants from anywhere in the world are welcome, so don't shy away because of geography!

We're looking forward to a good competition, and check back soon to find out who will be vying for the title of Q&Apprentice!

Please note: if you have any questions, direct them to or the message board thread below.

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