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The Witcher Gets a New Website


The Witcher

Atari Europe announced today the official opening of The Witcher's new website. The site is divided into two main areas. The first section is dedicated to information about the game including a general overview, character and story details, and screenshots. The second section is the "community" site. In addition to message boards it features news and media, areas for fanart and fanfiction, and links to fansites.

The main site is available in eight languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Czech) while the community section is available in English and Polish. If Polish seems a surprising choice, it's because The Witcher is based on a series of stories by Andrzej Sapkowski, a Polish fantasy author. Players of the game will take on the role of Sapkowski's main character, Geralt of Rivia, a mutant assassin. The game, like the books, is set in a morally ambiguous world and players will have to make many decisions that will impact on the course of the game.

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The Witcher
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