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Wakfu Walks on the DS


Ankama Games

Silencing rumors across the internet, Ankama Games has announced a new project exclusive to the Nintendo DS. Another Wakfu game is in development and will be completely separate from the MMORPG. This new project, however, will not allow previous players to play online on the servers using the Nintendo DS.

Wakfu DS will be released as a Tactical RPG that features a turn-based battle system presented in 3D isometric scenes. Classic dungeons such as Gobball and Tofus will make an appearance, along with new ones with increased difficulty. Like any RPG, players will be able to evolve their character and equipment after battle.

The series of dungeons the player explores and fights through will be different depending on which cartridge, Light or Darkness, is played. Further differing the games, certain rare items will be found in each cartridge, which then can be transferred to a Wakfu MMORPG account. Rather than give statistical or character bonuses, these items are strictly for decorative use only. A release quarter has not been determined, but RPGamer will keep news of this DS title updated.

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Wakfu DS
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