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Square Enix Reveals a Surprise of a Game


The Last Remnant

In the current issue of Game Informer magazine, Square Enix unveiled its newest game, The Last Remnant, which was later revealed to be for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. The company went on to announce a first for them, in that this title will be their first game released simultaneously in North America and Japan.

The game will be the first title from Square Enix utilizing the recently licensed Unreal Engine 3 and is currently on schedule for release at some point during 2008. The game stars two main characters--one created with Japanese gamers in mind, named Rush, and another with North American gamers in mind, the antihero known simply as the Conqueror.

The game's battle system will play a huge part in this game, with large battles being waged with a combination of turn- and action-based commands at the players' fingertips. The game utilizes many different types of weapons and even a summon system, though further details on either of those are scarce. All enemies will be seen on the screen, meaning there will be no random battles in this title, also allowing players the chance to escape if needed.

The remnants that the title speak of are giant artifacts from the game's mysterious past. One town had a sword larger than a skyscraper engorged deep in the center of it, while yet another had a relic guised as a large dragon. So far, it is unknown exactly how these remnants will feature in the story, but one can imagine that they will play heavily in the game's plot.

The game features at least four different races, all of which are quite unique. There are human, floppy-eared reptilian, fish-tailed reptilian, and even cat-like four-armed warrior races--each with their own unique set of skills and abilities. For example, the cat-like warriors can quad-wield weapons and even dual-wield two-handed weapons if wanted.

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The Last Remnant
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