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NIS America Brings Triple Threat


NIS America

Right on the heels of the Disgaea PSP announcement comes even more fun from NIS America. NIS has three new titles scheduled for release this summer: GrimGrimoire and Soul Nomad & the World Eaters for the PlayStation 2 along with Dragoneer's Aria for the PlayStation Portable.

GrimGrimoire is an RPG with strong real-time strategy elements. This title follows the story of Lillet Blan, a student at the Tower of Silver Star. The Tower of the Silver Star is a school for only the most gifted pupils who are taught by Dummel Drusk, a powerful wizard that long ago defeated the wicked lord that previously lived in the tower. Lillet returns to the school after a brief stint away to find that all of her professors and fellow students have been killed.

Combat in GrimGrimoire has a real-time strategy feel to it as the player doesn't directly control Lillet, but uses her to summon units to command. These summoned units are then commanded to move around the battle field, attack and defend targets, collect mana used in summoning, healing the player, and set patrols to guard against enemy attacks. There are four different types of magic used in summoning: alchemy, glamour, necromancy, and sorcery. For example, glamour magic is used to summon fairies and elves where sorcery is used to bring forth demons and dragons. GrimGrimoire is scheduled for a June 2007 release in North America.

Soul Nomad & the World Eaters, formally known as Soul Cradle, is due out this summer as well. This strategy RPG features a main character that has been gifted a sword in which is sealed the power of the evil overlord Gig. The hero grows more powerful as he becomes more intertwined with the sword, but also runs the risk of being consumed by its power. Given the task of using this sword to defeat three demons, the hero must gather an army. The army creation process includes the over 25 different unit types such as Knight, Archer, Nerneid, and Griphos Knight. When creating new units they will have the option of starting at a low level or at the hero's current level. Some unique features offered in Soul Nomad are the ability to scout out battle conditions prior to fighting and being able to kidnap or do battle with townsfolk.

The last of the summer releases, Dragoneer's Aria, is a classic turn-based RPG. In this adventure, Valen, a newly graduated dragoon, watches on as his home is attacked by a black dragon and is powerless to stop it. Valen ventures out to discover the reason for the black dragon attack, meeting several companions along the way. Euphe is a kind-hearted woman that falls in love with Valen upon being rescued by him. Joining Valen and Euphe are Mary, the pirate captain; Ruslon, guardian of the earth dragon; and Langley, an elite dragoon.

Dragon Orbs play a key role in the player's success in combat as the orbs combine with weapons and items give enhanced abilities. Strategy and timing are also essential during combat as chaining attacks is a quick way to score extra damage; plus there is a rhythm-based mini game used to defend against enemy attacks. Dragoneer's Aria also features multiplayer interaction via the PlayStation Portable's Ad-Hoc functionality.

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