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Grandia's Darkside


Grandia III

You've been introduced to the young heroes and heroines that will be saving the world from danger, now it's time to shake hands with a few of the people that will be putting it there. As mentioned in earlier reports, the lead villain of Grandia III is Alfeena's elder brother, Emerius. Armed with a guillotine-like sword called "The Godkiller," the former high priest emerged from a three-year absence to claim his destiny as future sovereign of the world, but he didn't set out on this path alone. Four henchmen serve under his direct command, leaving havoc in their wake and creating great difficulties for Yuki and Alfeena.

Violetta, the mage of the group, is talented and seductive and likes to charm others into supplying whatever it is her twisted, little heart desires. Her demeanor is usually calm and collected, but when she gets angry, she goes into a violent rage and starts swinging her scythe around with deadly results.

Kornell is the classic strong man of the four. His great physical prowess allows him to weild a giant hammer with devastating skill, but true to the strong man archetype, Kornell is also not very smart. Violetta likes to take advantage of his stupidity by making him do all sorts of chores for her.

Law Llim, the cloaked and masked necromancer, is cruel and cold enough to make even Emerius shudder. Without even a shred of human decency, he lives only to further his skill in necromancy. There is even a question as to whether or not he serves Emerius out of loyalty or just for the opportunity to cause death on a grand and bloody scale.

Grau, a living shadow, is the most trusted of the four by Emerius. He uses cold and unfeeling logic to advise his master on how to carry out his campaign for world domination.

There is also a fifth enemy in the game, who operates independently of Emerius. Her name is Bianca and she is the owner of a popular gambling house that Yuki's ally, Alonso, loves to visit. Thanks to his gambling habits, the woman holds a debt over Alonso that is so big, she has taken out a claim on his precious ship to make sure she gets paid back. Player's can try to settle the bill on their own, but until that gets accomplished, watch out for her clutches.

Grandia III is currently scheduled for a Japanese release of August 04, 2005. RPGamer will report on any new information as it becomes available.

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Grandia III
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