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New .hack//G.U. Details, Series Keeps Growing



Information on BanDai and CyberConnect 2's .hack//G.U. has been flowing rather steadily since its introduction at E3. Most recently, it's been revealed that players will take the role of one Haseo, the grey haired character in this screenshot. Haseo's practice of hunting down Player-Killers has earned him the nickname "The Terror of Death."

Those anticipating the game may remember the showdown Haseo had with the evil Kite-like player in the E3 trailer. This mysterious character's name is Tri-Edge, a name that matches his weapon. More revealed G.U. characters include Atoli, "The Mirage of Deceit;" Kuhn, "The Propogation;" Yata, "The Prophet;" Sakubo, "The Machinator;" Endrance, "The Temptress;" Pai, "The Avenger;" and Ovan, "The Rebirth." This cast will likely go through some trying times during the course of the game, as .hack //G.U. producer Daisuke Uchiyama and director/CyberConnect 2 president Hiroshi Matsuyama have stated that among the G.U.'s 12 hidden meanings, "Grow Up" is the main theme.

In more surprising news, Gamespot reports that another .hack game is set to be released before G.U. Since G.U. is scheduled to be available about a year from now, this would indicate that the mysterious new game is almost finished. RPGamer will keep an eye out for further news.

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