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New Grandia Characters Given Life


Grandia III/Square-Enix

As a follow up to yesterday's Grandia III media update, which revealed the existence of two new characters, RPGamer delves into the stories behind these characters today. Ull and Dahna are their names, and their respective characteristics are about as dissimilar as is possible.

Ull, a 16-year-old beastman, is an uncomplicated fellow with a down-to-earth mindset. Though his impulses often get the better of him, his good intentions and loyal nature reveal that he's not that bad of a guy. Ull's clan has lived in the hidden valley of dragons for generations, acting as protectors to both the land and its inhabitants. Being the unpredictable youth that he is, Ull got fed up one day with his family's strict adherence to tradition and took to the skies with his dragon, Shiba. The duo are apparently rather social, as they have made acquaintances with both co-wanderer Alonso and Pilot King Schmidt, Yuuki's personal hero.

Dahna, a levelheaded, dependable woman of 23, has been the leader of her village for two years, ever since her lover mysteriously disappeared. Being the sensible woman she is, Dahna executes the laws of the village with a firm hand, a fact that makes her appear cold and rather Spartan to strangers. Those that know her, however, understand that she is really a compasionate, trusting person who places faith in others quite easily. As an interesting side note, Dahna is an excellent fortune teller, as she makes sure of cards imbued with faery magic.

Grandia is set for an August 4 release in Japan. No North American localization is planned as of yet.

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