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True Odyssey Characters Revealed


Gundam: True Odyssey/Bandai

A slew of new Gundam: True Odyssey information was recently revealed on the title's official website. The unveiled details include the existence of a Gundam: True Odyssey manga, a short promotional video, four new character descriptions, and the title's official release date.

The True Odyssey manga, which transpires shortly before the events in the game, can be found in the manga anthology Gundam Ace, with the first issue coming out in August. For a small glimpse of what to expect, click here. The promotional trailer, viewable here, is a short, 15 second affair that depicts several cinematic and battle scenes.

The first of the four characters disclosed is Gavenger, whom players will meet in the middle of their adventure. A massive, muscular man, Gavenger is devoted to protecting his hometown from the Dark Mobile. Despite this rather straightforward mindset, the man possess a great deal of knowledge on many varied subjects, especially pre-disaster Earth and the G-System.

Hakuho, the second character, is extremely adept at martial arts. Her tactical sense and superb reflexes aid tremendously with her piloting, and this, coupled with her Fuushou-ken technique, make her a powerful fighter in any situation.

The third character, Vangus, is the head of a band of sky pirates and, naturally, a fanatical treasure hunter. Being a pirate leader and all, the legality of his bounty is of no concern to him; all he cares about is its value. Treasure aside, Vangus's next priority is women, around whom he is a zealous flirt. However sinister this may make him sound, though, Vangus really isn't that bad of a guy. He's just a little misguided.

Finally, there's Renzer. A Major in the Aizengraad army, Renzer is a capable soldier and natural leader. These characteristics have gained her a considerable deal of respect in a militaristic world dominated by men.

Gundam: True Odyssey is set to be released the 30 of this month in Japan. There has not been any word yet of a North American release.

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