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Cloud Plays Santa, Distributes Limited Edition Goodness


Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children/Square Enix

Now that an official release date has finally been given to Square Enix's next foray into cinematics, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, it's no surprise that a list of limited edition bonuses has surfaced. Along with the normal version of the movie, Japan plans on seeing not only a limited edition, but also an ultimate edition.

The limited edition box set will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis, meaning that once supplies run out only the regular version will be available. The limited edition includes a bonus DVD featuring 30 minutes of footage from the original Final Fantasy VII, the movie's own trailer, and the trailer for the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Both the normal and limited editions will retail in Japan for 4,800 yen (roughly $45). Pre-orders began several days ago on

While this might sound like a lot, it pales in comparison to the offerings of the ultimate edition box set. This edition will include all the bonuses available in the limited edition plus:

  • the Cloud/Fenrir (motorcycle) action figure set
  • a "Making of" video and the special Venice Film Festival version
  • a cap and t-shirt
  • the international version of Final Fantasy VII
  • a key chain of sorts
  • a "scenario replica" (a source of much confusion on the part of many translators)
The ultimate edition in its entirety will cost a considerable amount more than the limited edition: 29,500 yen (about $275).

Reminder: this news concerns the Japanese version only. There have been no words on the North American bonus goodies as of yet.

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