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Shadow Hearts 3 Villains Attack


Shadow Hearts: From the New World

Some of the the heroes of Shadow Hearts: From the New World were introduced in the last few weeks. Now those who will stand their way are also being brought into the spotlight. Here are two villains from Aruze's upcoming RPG.

Killer, as his name implies, likes to kill people. He's a serial killer by trade and is wanted by law enforcement all across the United States. He also makes a point to commit every crime he can think of for personal pleasure. At one point, in Brooklyn, New York, Killer's luck finally runs out when the police catch up with him. But a mysterious and silent woman suddenly appears out of nowhere and saves him. Calling her "Lady," Killer decides to follow her wherever she goes.

That leads straight into the introduction of the second character, Lady. Appearing, seemingly out of thin air, in Brooklyn on a fateful night, she unwittingly ends up in the middle of a conflict between Killer and the police squad there to arrest him. Lady acts quickly and within seconds, the police are all dead. Lady's facial expression never changes, nor does she ever speak. What she thinks and what her mission is are totally unknown.

Shadow Hearts: From the New World is still good to go for a July 28 release in the land of the rising sun. Unfortunately, there have been no updates concerning plans for a North American localization.

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Shadow Hearts: From the New World
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