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New Shadow Hearts III Footage Unveiled


Shadow Hearts III: From the New World/Nautilus

A recent update on the Shadow Hearts III: From the New World official website has brought gamers another trailer for Nautilus's third installment in the Shadow Hearts series. This movie is 2:45 long and plays in either one's browser or Windows Media Player.

The trailer begins with a shot of Azure's logo, a shot of Nautilus's logo, and the game's title. The camera then pans around several skyscrapers, and a sort of Native American/Western hybrid tune picks up. Several characters are displayed in dramatic fashion before the video cuts to a scene of Shania abandoning her clothing in favor of a more angelic, ethereal form. The music picks up after this, and more dramatic character and action shots follow. The movie concludes with another shot of the game's title beneath a seraphic Shania.

Shadow Hearts III: From the New World is due out in Japan near the end of next month. No North American localization has been announced, but expect RPGamer to report on this if and when it occurs.

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Shadow Hearts III: From the New World
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