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New Code Age Trailer Available For Limited Time Only


Code Age Commanders/Square Enix

Between May 11 and May 20, the official Code Age website will be host to a 30 second teaser-trailer for Square-Enix's upcoming RPG, Code Age Commanders. This movie is not to be confused with the two previously available trailers accessible through the Code Age "movies" page, as it is located on an entirely different page. To view this clip, one must access the "special" page of the Code Age Commanders section of the site.

The trailer in question plays out quite interestingly. First, a glowing, humanoid form melds with the body of the main character, Jean. This occurs in blank space, and immediately afterwards Jean awakens in the middle of a desert-looking area, asking "Where am I...?" The trailer then cuts to a series of action shots, in which a narrator proclaims, "Phenomena are received as stimuli; stimuli are linguistically encoded and stored as memories. When these memories are compiled, a story is born." A scream is then uttered, most probably by Jean, and several characters and enemies flash across the screen. The trailer ends with a powered-up Jean slicing something large and golden into two.

Both the Japanese release date and potential for a North American localization of Code Age Commanders are unknown at this time. Should any such information arise on Square-Enix's "new concept brand," RPGamer will report on it.

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Code Age Commanders
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