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Square Enix, Apple, Bring Final Fantasy to iTunes



The music of Nobuo Uematsu has always been a famed part of the Final Fantasy series. However, those fans who were eager to get their paws on a soundtrack for their favorite game were always forced to import the CDs and grumble, wishing that there was a better way. Now the wait is over. Square Enix has announced their decision with Apple to make sixteen of the acclaimed soundtracks available for purchase through the iTunes Music Store. The President and COO of Square Enix Inc., Ichiro Otobe, was pleased with the deal.

"We're expanding our business sphere beyond the traditional videogame in many ways," he said, "I'm excited to bring Final Fantasy music online by collaborating with Apple, an innovator in this arena. The iTunes Music Store is the perfect platform for our videogame soundtracks, which began as an early form of digital music."

The soundtrack selection available includes two Black Mages albums, Music from Dear Friends, and the music from Final Fantasy I through XI.

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