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Namco Hometek Inc Announces Mage Knight Apocalypse



Hot on the heels of the recent unveiling of Hellgate: London, Namco Hometek Inc has announced that another PC RPG is in the works for gamers in North America. This newest announcement concerns a game called Mage Knight Apocalypse, which is touted as an action RPG based on the Mage Knight collectible miniatures wargame by WizKids Games.

The story of Mage Knight Apocalypse follows that of an upcoming Mage Knight storyline, where a mysterious power has issued an ominous prophecy, which subsequently results in a call going out for strong heroes from all reaches of the land to battle against an evil army. This army is led by the five-headed Apocalypse Dragon, who has been resurrected and set loose to wreak havoc on the world. The player will take the role of one of five characters, and must work together with other heroes to face the Dragon and defeat the evil plaguing the world.

Obviously, gameplay in Mage Knight Apocalypse will rely heavily on interaction with other party members. Players will need to choose their party mates carefully to adequately combine their melee, ranged, and magical attacks in conjunction with group combo attacks. Gamers can either do this alone, or with pals in the five-player cooperative play mode.

The game will offer a total of five classes and hundreds of weapons, armors, and items to equip them with. Character advancement seems to take a step in a different direction, with the inclusion of a Morrowind-esque system that makes the character's strengths more powerful through what types of skills they use. Swinging a heavy sword will make you physically stronger and casting spells will make your magic more powerful, for example.

Along with this announcement, Namco Hometek Inc has opened the game's official site, which contains a synopsis of game information and a collection of screens to view. Mage Knight Apocalypse is scheduled for a spring 2006 release.

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