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Roma Victor Progresses Toward Release


Roma Victor

RedBedlam, a game developer based in the U.K., has announced that the status of its ambitious MMORPG Roma Victor will move to commercial testing in May 2005, which is roughly equivalent to late beta testing.

Roma Victor, a PC-based game for the Windows platform, is a non-fantasy MMORPG set in Europe at a time circa 180 A.D., which is at the beginning of the reign of the infamous tyrant, Emperor Commodus. Commodus, whose rule marked the beginning of the end for the Roman Empire, is struggling to face threats from within and without the Empire. Unfortunately, he is an untalented and cruel leader, which leads to even greater problems. It is against this backdrop of unfolding chaos that the player is invited to join.

Roma Victor is set in a virtual world which attempts to replicate the physical and social characteristics of reality in the second century. The game will be set in a half-scale replica of Europe with historically accurate topography. Realistic phenomena, such as weather and equipment wear-and-tear, will be incorporated into the game. Players will be expected to handle life-like problems, such as making sure that their characters get enough practice at their chosen skills.

Since it is a non-fantasy MMORPG, humans will be the only playable race in Roma Victor, and there will be no overt magic in the game. Instead, the game developers intend to attract players with a diverse array of cultural venues and geographical settings. For instance, the player's character can be a Roman subject or a barbarian from places like Britannia, Gaul, or Germania. There will also be a variety of gameplay ranging from standard RPG fare - such as PVP fighting - to an extensive skill tree that includes occupations like farming, pottery, or tracking. In principle, a gamer could role-play in Roma Victor without ever picking up a weapon.

An unusual feature of Roma Victor will be its lack of subscription fees after the initial purchase. Instead, the player may purchase in-game money, called "sesterces," which will be used to supply the player's character with the necessities of virtual life. The player is not obligated to buy sesterces, however, because there will be ways to earn in-game money from within the game. The sesterces that a player buys will be inversely proportional to the amount of time that he or she is willing to spend earning in-game money.

More information about Roma Victor can be found on the official game site. The final release date is currently unknown.

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Roma Victor
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