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Funcom Tempts Anarchy Online Newbies


Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online has been quite the popular game since making its original version free back in December. Now, Funcom has put forth an enticing offer to those who play this free version. For the price of $9.95, players can upgrade their accounts from a status with no expansion content to one with all the content of all three Anarchy Online expansion packs.

This means everything found in Notum Wars, Shadowlands, and Alien Invasion is avilable for a greatly reduced price. The twist involved is that after upgrading, players are no longer permitted to roam Rubi-Ka for free; they are subject to the $14.95 monthly subscription fee. This fee can be lowered if the player buys several months at a time, the longest plan being a 12 month subscription for $7.95 per month. Those players interested in upgrading have 14 days to make a decision, as the offer will only be available from April 11 through April 25. All subscription details, plus client downloads can be found on Anarchy Online's official website.

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Anarchy Online
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