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Grandia III, Stella Deus Sites Open



Following a recent bevy of official website openings, two different companies have continued the trend by opening up two additional game websites. Firstly, Square Enix recently opened up its Japanese page dedicated to Grandia III, which can be visited by clicking here. The page contains the usual official site fare, such as sections dedicated to the story, characters, world, and the game's battle system. Two sections listed at the bottom of the site, the "System" and "Info" sections, are not accessible as of yet, but it should be safe to assume that these two sections will be updated soon. Additionally, the site contains a boatload of media, such as a selection of movies that fans can view.

On the opposite side of the spectrum is the newly opened North American site pertaining to Atlus' upcoming tactical RPG Stella Deus: The Gate of Eternity. The site hosts a synopsis of the story and a plethora of character bios and screenshots, as well as downloadable AIM icons, wallpapers, and box art. Atlus has also given fans a place to discuss the game by opening up a Stella Deus message forum.

Considering that every Grandia title has found itself in North America at some point or another, it seems highly probable that Grandia III will eventually be released in North America; though, an official localization announcement has not yet emerged from the Square Enix camp. Thus far, the only official release date that has been mentioned is a vague 2005 time frame for Japan. On the other hand, it has been confirmed that Stella Deus will be released in North America in May.

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