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Ultima Online 7th Anniversary Edition Ships


Ultima Online

Electronic Arts has announced that the 7th Anniversary Edition of Ultima Online is now available. The package includes the original Ultima Online, all five expansion packs, a collector's edition Ultima Online Fan Guide and a copy of Ultima IX: Ascension.

Players will receive one of seven anniversary gifts. Each is an in-game item taken from Ultima Online or one of the expansion packs, and each offers exclusive powers for the recipient:

  • Royal Boots of Embers (Ultima Online)
  • Royal Rose of Trinsic (Ultima Online The Second Age)
  • Shamino's Best Crossbow (Ultima Online Renaissance)
  • The Scroll of Sosaria (Ultima Online: Third Dawn)
  • Hearth of the Home Fire (Ultima Online: Lord Blackthorn's Revenge)
  • The Holy Sword (Ultima Online: Age of Shadows)
  • Ancient Samurai Armor (upcoming expansion pack--due this fall)

As an added bonus, purchasers of the 7th Anniversary Edition can open seven new accounts, either for themselves or others, with the first thirty days free. Players will also be able to add a new character and skill set by trying out a new profession without having to delete an existing character.

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