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More Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Tidbits

Jeff Walker

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

The official Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children website updated recently, and with the update comes a few more tidbits about the mysterious trio of Sephiroths and just what the heroes of Final Fantasy VII are doing or have been doing.

Tifa, the gifted fist-fighting heroine, still works at the Seventh Heaven bar from AVALANCHE once started.

Barrett, the part-cyborg potty mouth, has been searching for a replacement of energy for the world, presumably to replace the Mako energy that once destroyed the world he fought to protect.

Loz, one of the three Sephiroth look-a-likes uses a 'Pile Bunker', named the 'Dual Hound'. This weapon is described as a double for a stungun and a shield.

Yazoo, another of the Sephiroth look-a-likes uses a weapon that looks a lot like a gunblade of Final Fantasy 8 fame. The weapon's name translated to "Velvet Nightmare".

Kadaj, the third and final Sephiroth look-a-like, and sibling to the other two, is the leader of the group; possessing dual katana blades.

The final tidbit comes for Sephiroth, once beaten by Cloud after going on a rampage, but now he is back.

On top of new information on characters, SquareEnix has released new trailers on their official site. Due to problems with their site interface, readers will have to go to the Advent Children website to view them. At time of news posting, information on Vincent was awaiting translation.

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