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More Kingdom Hearts Details Released


Kingdom Hearts

In an interview in Gangan Saishin, a Square Enix comics anthology, Tetsuya Nomura gave more details on the two upcoming Kingdom Hearts titles. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, the Game Boy Advance title, is meant to have a lighthearted feel and make heavy use of the Disney characters. Also revealed is a new stage, known as the "Castle of Forgetfulness", that complements the theme of exploring memories.

For the Playstation 2 sequel, Kingdom Hearts II, it is now known that there will be five main characters. Sora, three youths who have not yet been identified, and one that has not yet been revealed will make up the main cast. It is being kept a secret whether Kairi and Riku from the original game will be present in either playable or non-playable form. Kingdom Hearts II is meant to take place two years after the original, with Chain of Memories taking place one year after.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is due out in Japan by the end of the summer, and Kingdom Hearts II is expected in 2005. As of yet, no North American release dates have been announced for either title.

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