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Star Ocean 3 Spills Over to Europe


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

European gamers will get a chance to taste Square Enix gaming excitement later this year, as the company gears up its efforts to expand throughout Europe. A publishing deal was announced today with Ubisoft that will see Star Ocean: Till the End of Time released across PAL territories this fall. This marks the first appearance of a major Enix franchise in that region since the company merged with Square one year ago. As Square Enix now expands its operations with an extensive hiring campaign in its London offices, more titles are likely on the horizon.

Among those titles from the company already confirmed for Europe are Drakengard, which is set to hit stores in the summer under the publishing auspices of Take Two, and Final Fantasy XI, which Square Enix will be publishing itself, also later this year.

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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
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