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Sega to Make an "Explosive Announcement" at E3



Sega has invited all press visiting E3 to attend a special event as soon as the show doors open, where an "explosive announcement" will be made. Understandably, the press has jumped all over the opportunity, and now you can't even RSVP to get there.

The most obvious conclusion to what will be made public is Sega's return to the hardware market. The Dreamcast, Sega's last foray into the console wars, was unquestionably a success in terms of the quality of its games. However, the Dreamcast was by no means a success in sales, which led the company into becoming a third party developer. Without a doubt, there are many who would love to see Sega develop a new console. But with the market becoming as oversaturated as it is, it may not be the best time for Sega to trek back into hardware.

There is the possibility that the announcement will have nothing to do with an impending return to hardware. Even though, Sega has undoubtedly created quite the buzz leading into E3. But if it has nothing to do with hardware, then what could it be?

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