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Scrumptious Spectral Force Details



Japan brings us news today of a new RPG in the works named Spectral Force: Radical Elements. Judging from the news that we've become privy to, this game is shaping up to be a doozie.

Spectral Force: Radical Elements, a continuation of the Spectral Force series, is a new Japanese simulation RPG which allows truly gargantuan battles; each side will be able to command up to 1000 units in a single confrontation. Gameplay is split between battle and organization, so when you're not leading your army to victory it will be important to organize your characters, as the organization aspect of the gameplay is the only way you can raise their rank, thus strengthening your troops. After you win battles, you gain "Elements" which you use for the creation of troops, buildings, and the development of technology. Buildings will add bonuses to your troops. For example, if you have built a magic stone refinery, it will improve the magical abilities of your magicians.

The story will revolve around Tonaty, the king of Oltaded, which is being attacked by the opposing nation of Rafarm. Along for the ride will be Tiria, Court magician and friend of Tonaty. Also featured will be Adler, the winged man from Milria who holds a special interest for the ladies. Along with the aforementioned cohorts, Dora Van Delunk, a Maid that knows a lot of the secrets activities of what is going on in Oltaded, will be featured. Last but not least, there's the newly appointed king of Rafarm, Draxes Van Kurer, who is widely loved because of his excellent command of the country's internal affairs.

Radical Elements is slated for a Japanese release on the 19th of August. An American release is possible, but at the moment it doesn't look good. But one can always hope.

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