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New Characters Show Face in Kingdom Hearts II


Kingdom Hearts II

Some new information about Square Enix's upcoming sequel Kingdom Hearts II revealed itself in Shonen Jump this week. In a move that should surprise no one, Square Enix has delved into its own archive of Final Fantasy characters to provide guest stars for some of Disney's most timeless creations.

Auron, one of Yuna's many guardians from Final Fantasy X, will make his presence known in Kingdom Hearts II. The strict swordsman will show up looking much like he did in his first appearance; properly-proportioned, a contrast to the more childlike Final Fantasy characters in the original Kingdom Hearts. From team Disney, The Beast from Beauty and the Beast will be getting more screen time to make up for his brief appearance in the original. Also, Hercules will be making a return appearance, bringing along his love Megara for her first appearance.

We expect Kingdom Hearts II to be displayed at this year's E3. Also, the Game Boy Advance sequel Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories looks to be on track for a release in Japan this summer. Expect more Kingdom Hearts information from E3 in May.

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