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La Pucelle Website Opens, Game Details Erupt


La Pucelle Tactics

In a blast of music accompanied by waves of bright colors, the official website for Mastiff's upcoming title La Pucelle Tactics exploded onto the internet this week. The website includes a plethora of features for visitors' perusal, ranging from screenshots to a brief overview of the game's features.

As promised by the website content, La Pucelle Tactics will allow players to combine items for special abilities, execute powerful purifying attacks, and reap instant level-up rewards on every turn. The game's story spans over twelve chapters, and players can enjoy over 120 hours of game time.

La Pucelle Tactics is backed by an enormous cast of voice acting talent, as listed on the website. Notable video game voices in the cast include Paula Tiso, the voice of Lulu in Final Fantasy X and X-2; Cam Clark of Metal Gear Solid; and Amber Hood of Baldur's Gate I and II. However, players will have the option to hear the original Japanese voices as well.

As noted by the sidebar ads on this website, La Pucelle Tactics will arrive in North American stores on May 11. The title received a Gold Award from Famitsu in Japan.

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La Pucelle Tactics
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